Remind Me v3.53 for Nokia 5800 & N97

Remind Me will make sure you know for all missed calls, new emails or text messages. Sound, vibration and /or light will impact your senses and catch your attention , so that you don’t miss an opportunity.
No need to check the phone every minute. Irreplaceable for professionals working on call. There is a possibility to choose Alert Tone and Volume for each event.
You can select the Profiles in which Remind Me will be active, so when you are having an important meeting it won’t disturb you.

What New Version 3.53

  • improved support for Nokia N97, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic and Samsung SGH-i8910
  • improved support for Profimail version 3.51

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Coin Tosser Touch v1.0 for Nokia 5800 & N97

Heads or tails? Coin toss is like flipping a real coin in the air! Use the same gesture when tossing a real coin!

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WebGate Advanced Blocker v2.0.179 for Nokia 5800 & N97

Advanced Blocker is all-in-one solution to help you filter unwanted voice calls, video calls, text messages, MMS and WAP Push messages.

You no longer need to turn off your phone just to avoid interruptions – just enable Advanced Blocker and leave it to the software to filter unwanted and unimportant calls and messages while you enjoy your privacy.

Features include:

  • Silent instant reject of all blacklisted numbers, number patterns and text rules
  • Auto-start mode – option to automatically start-up AB after phone restart
  • Blocking of fixed numbers or groups of numbers (wildcard * number filters)
  • Discreet activity indicator on the phone’s stand-by screen
  • Various contact import options – import from the phone’s log, from phone’s contact book, manual import
  • Blocked history log for detailed history of filtered events
  • Visual indicators providing instant overview of all new blocked events in the blacklist rules main screen
  • Blocked messages can be easily viewed and restored
  • Full reject entry log with details screen for each blocked event
  • Customizable reject options for blacklisted contacts – you can select what kind of events to accept or reject from each number – calls, SMS, MMS, WAP push messages.

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HemeAzan v1.0 for Nokia 5800 & N97

We have designed the Azan by considering most common requirements of Muslim around the world.Most common and useful properties of Azan from Hemelix are:

*. It shows location and current time in the main view
*. Next prayer time in red text, it alert you when to pray, automatically it is updated after each prayer time
*.It shows the name of Allah in the main view with meaning of it
*.Manually you can play and stop azan if you like.
*.Direction;Direction menu item shows a compass and Kaba Sharif direction by an arrow line from the center of compass. It will shows the direction from East or west and mentioned the angle in degree. It will draw Kaba Sharif’s image on the top of arrow.Following table shows the meaning and usages of menu item in this view


Find direction;By this you can find a direction when you move. If you have GPS available in your phone then you can use this option. If you press this menu then it will start to communicate with GPS system and it will draw a red arrow in the direction you are walking. After pressing this menu it is good to wait a bit (it take some time to communicate with GPS, also make sure you are walking in open sky).While you walk the arrow become bigger and it is draw from the center to outward direction. It will print the direction to whichyou are walking. It will shows also angle between Kaba Sharif and the direction you are walking. It will guide you on the screen how many meters left to be 150 meters. Once you have walked 150 meters it will stop and save it for later usage. You can put your phone in such a way parallel to the path you walked and then you can find exact direction in which you have to pray.

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