Panda Reader V1.80 Apps for Nokia 5800 N97

1, increasing the initial launch of the full-screen wizard pages;
2, to increase readership of color – quick skin function;
3, increasing third-party websites Resources (sina) to access functions;
4, increase community online books, read reviews and ratings after the fast;
5, increasing intelligence bookmark navigation navigation function;
6, increasing auto-targeting feature based on historical records;
7, increasing the main interface system information module by default advertisement image display; Click Here for Download

KXting Music Player Apps for Nokia 5800 N97

Unique classic blue interface and convenient mode of operation, personality show in support of individual picture / photo upload

Version of the update log (V1.6.0):
1. To improve the optimal way to register to avoid duplication of registration status Click Here for Download

FingerPrint Scanner Apps for Nokia 5800 N97

FingerPrint Scanner for 5800 & N97!
Using your fingerprint to unlock your phone, this is just a simulation for fun!

What is NEW
Block all keypress when the FingerPrint screen is on top!
Click Here for Download

X-Plore Apps for Nokia 5800 N97

Enjoy No File No Patch No Serial

tested on N96 , N95 , N97

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